Ready to make a difference?

Mountchor Technologies was formed to take on the big challenges. By convening the expertise of teams across the full array of security, technology and information services fields, we’re built to solve our nation’s most complex challenges. The work ahead isn’t easy, but we have what it takes to do the job and we’d love for you to join us.

At Mountchor Technologies, we don’t take our work lightly. We empower the teams who are building our infrastructure and protecting our borders. We bring our ideas to bear in technologies that fuel progress and strengthen security. Above all, we work tirelessly to secure a bright future for our nation. We serve customers whose missions matter—and we take pride in our dedication to their success.

Without a doubt, our people make the difference. That’s why, along with helping our customers achieve their mission success, our people are our top priority. When you sign on with Mountchor Technologies, you align yourself with some of the smartest, most dedicated people in the industry. From career systems integrators with decades of experience, upstart investigators maintaining the security of public sector customers, to rocket scientists launching the technologies of tomorrow, you’ll find a team of people you’ll be proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with.


Our employees are exceptional, giving us a competitive advantage by innovating solutions with a strong sense of mission and integrity. So when it comes to benefits for our employees and their families, Mountchor Technologies is committed to offering options that provide choices, value and control over health care spending.

Benefits available to Mountchor Technologies employees include, among others:

– A range of medical, dental and vision coverage options

– Paid time off, including national holidays

– 401(k) retirement plan

– Complete and current descriptions of our benefits will be provided to employees upon hire.

Network Engineer

Network Engineer performs maintenance, and upgrade of networks using Cisco networking products, including servers, routers, switches, firewalls, remote access systems, and network management systems. Monitor network connectivity and ensure high-quality data transmission. Provide technical support to various departments and users with regards to LAN/MAN/WAN (local/metropolitan/wide area networks). Serve as liaisons with vendors and other third-party providers.

Project Manager

Selected candidate will serve as the project manager for a large, complex task order (or a group of task orders affecting the same common/standard/migration system) and shall assist the Program Manager in working with the Government Contracting Officer (CO), the task order-level Task Managers ™, Government management personnel and customer agency representatives.

System Engineer

Design, develop, analyze, troubleshoot and debug systems, software and solutions for research and/or research development of product, services and solutions for the company’s portfolio. Require a broad knowledge and application of engineering disciplines, methodologies and tools.

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