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Cloud Computing and Infrastructure

Cloud Computing & Infrastructure services

At MountChor Technologies, we assess the best way to support application needs, such as portability, data availability, data security, infrastructure security, and compliance. We support the enterprise with managing these factors, whether to maintain on-premises or off-premises applications.

Cloud computing is an essential part of enterprise technology, delivering applications and IT as a Service (ITaaS) to end-users with ease and efficiency. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) all deliver varying levels of control and management.

Key offerings include:

Operational Planning
We assess at a strategic perspective application lifecycle from planning to day 2 operations.

Migration to Agile Cloud:
We migrate business applications to cloud computing systems in a learned understanding of which application are suitable candidates to migration and which ones should be left for later (or never).

Assessment of Multi-Cloud Model:
We provide realistic assessments of multi-cloud readiness using container technology and related security technologies.

Data Security:
We realize the importance of protecting data and providing reliable secure access to the data – leveraging zero trust techniques including those from Zscaler Trusted advisors with experience in greenfield, brownfield and everything in between.

Our Technologies:

CentOS / Rocky Linux Pulumi HashiCorp Vault
Styra OPA CloudCheckr Jira
Cisco ACI Red Hat Ansible VMware
GitHub Terraform Zscaler
GitLab Twilio AquaSec
Jenkins Ubuntu LTS Palo Alto