MountChor Technologies makes public and personnel safety our number one operational priority.

Our corporate safety initiative is led by MountChor’s Safety Committee Officer.

Our safety officer provides ongoing guidance to support our stellar operational safety record while continually identifying risk factors and best-practice improvements. Safety is ingrained in the culture at MountChor with new information socialized in our employee newsletter, The Constellation, at MountChor office locations and on the job site. Employees who provide updated safety information/recommendations and go above and beyond safe work practices are rewarded in cash, (gift cards) or other benefits through MountChor’s Safety Incentive Program.

MountChor maintains an OSHA-compliant Corporate Safety Program in support of the massive amount of work we perform in the vicinity of the general public, transit community, and Government personnel. MountChor personnel receive continual safety training – and are acutely aware of what it takes to keep each worksite safe. Our crews take special measures to keep the public away from active work areas, by providing direction, (personally if necessary and via signage), to navigate around a work area, while causing the least amount of disruption to regularly scheduled activities.

Safety in Numbers

  • 100% of MountChor’s Technolgies staff including Project Managers, Superintendents, and Foreman are OSHA 30 certified
  • All job sites are staffed with certified First Aid and CPR field safety personnel. Each job site is also supplied with fully stocked First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogen kits, located in close proximity to the work area
  • MountChor maintains an excellent Emergency Modification Rate (EMR) – with more than a decade exceeding industry acceptance levels
  • Safety/hazard analyses are conducted for every location prior to performing work. Site Specific Work Plans, (SSWP) are developed for each work site and applicable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is identified, procured and distributed as necessary. Replenishment of safety gear is done as required
  • MountChor also complies with customer requirements for safety training, testing and certification. This can include such things as the Washington Metro RWIC certification and badging, NICET training and on-going OSHA training/certification

Safety Checks

Within MountChor, the Safety Committee conducts monthly safety meetings.

The Committee will discuss any developments related to Safety Data Sheets (SDS), HAZCOM, emergency response, accident reporting, as well as the safety practices of other companies on site whose actions could affect ours. On site, daily “Safe 2 Work” information is embedded in the Daily Status Report, (DSR) and emailed to MountChor’s designated Project Manager & administrative staff with work site information, activity descriptions, and lists of hazards – with tips on how to best avoid them. As an extra measure, MountChor performs sporadic site safety inspections – providing constant oversight in our commitment to safety. These inspections are conducted by the Superintendent team as well as the PM’s and other designated employees as needed.

Once a month a “Foremen’s Meeting” is conducted and is attended by all PM’s, Superintendents and Foremen. This forum allows for a free flow of information up and down the corporate chain. Company news is disseminated and any new policies/practices are discussed. Any safety issues are brought up and discussed, new policies are passed to the crews and input is gathered for review and discussion at the monthly Safety Committee meeting.

Further evidence of the MountChor commitment to safety is the immediacy of reporting when an incident takes place. Initial reporting is conducted immediately, (within the first hour), to the applicable Foremen, Superintendents, Safety Officer, PM’s and Directors. Follow ups are conducted to gather factual information regarding the causes, response actions, and determine preventive actions to take in the future, (these are developed later into actionable steps to implement).

Also, MountChor has a long standing relationship with SEE, Inc. SEE, Inc. is a safety professional training, certification and auditing company. MountChor’s contract with SEE, Inc. allots us a specified number of hours per year to get new employees OSHA training, conduct refresher activities, and auditing of job sites as requested. This structure does a number of things. First, it enables us to utilize a professional, nationally recognized organization to consolidate our safety training, certification and auditing activities. Second, it reinforces to all our employees how serious we are about safety and helps build a “culture of safety” beyond our own in-house initiatives and activities.

In the end MountChor understands that employee safety and health on and off the job site is critical to the success of the company as a whole. Caring for the safety of the employees benefits everyone!