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Cyber Security

As threats grow in breadth and sophistication, the old defense in-depth approach often generates unclear priorities, drains resources and leaves gaps in protection. At MountChor Technologies, we help customers migrate to a defense in-context strategy. We bring transformative cyber expertise and mission-enabled solutions to the forefront of operations.

Our security solutions predict attacks, proactively respond to threats, ensure compliance and protect data, applications, infrastructure and endpoints.

Key offerings include:
  • Cybersecurity engineering, integration and advisory services:
    Using an iterative Cyber Systems Engineering (CSE) process, identify security prerequisites, develop security reference architectures and perform requirements traceability analysis to fully understand your system and its dependencies
  • Cybersecurity training, planning and exercises:
    Train your workforce on how to protect their environment from cyber intrusions
  • Computer network exploitation:
    Identify specific networks or systems to target for attempted exploitation using industry standard tools
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) services:
    Assure mission performance is maintained while reducing the threat of malicious activity by proactively managing network connectivity
  • Platform, network and critical infrastructure protection:
    Protect your networks, platforms and critical infrastructures against cyber intrusions and malicious attacks
  • Protect your networks, platforms and critical infrastructures against cyber intrusions and malicious attacks:
    Protection for your environments, as well as your data—both at rest and in transit
  • Identity, credentialing and access management (ICAM):
    Control who has access to your systems and resources, how they interact with them and verify that they are in fact, who they say they are
  • Threat prevention, detection, analytics and response:
    Identify, assess and remediate security threats and weaknesses that enable attackers to steal data, gain access to intellectual property and damage your organization
  • Security policy, risk management and compliance:
    We perform initial and periodic assessments of security and privacy controls deployed in cloud information systems

Cloud Computing and Infrastructure services

MountChor Technologies delivers cloud offerings that leverage best-in-class commercial technologies to drive innovation and achieve operational and management efficiencies. Our cloud computing and infrastructure solutions enable customers to host their workload on the optimal platform across private, public and hybrid cloud, as well as, legacy infrastructure environments.

Our proven services help you rapidly modernize your infrastructure, and securely move and manage workloads to the most appropriate cloud environment. Our consulting services help our customers modernize traditional IT and implement digital solutions.

Key offerings include:
  • Cloud advisory services:
    Develop a clear cloud strategy that establishes the appropriate and secure use of cloud computing across your organization
  • Workload migration services:
    Migrate with minimal disruptions to mission operations while maintaining security controls
  • Brokerage services:
    Optimize and manage your workloads across hybrid cloud services, public cloud providers and traditional IT from a centralized management platform
  • Service integration and management/ITSM:
    End-to-end capability aligned to industry standards, including IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and the OpenGroup’s IT4IT reference architecture
  • Public cloud solutions:
    Implement IaaS, PaaS and containerized micro services using our own FedRAMP-authorized cloud or Microsoft Azure and AWS commercial, government and DoD clouds
  • Private cloud solutions:
    The advantage of the scalability and agility of a public cloud in a secure, single-tenant, dedicated environment hosted in either a customer, third-party or one of our own data centers
  • Mainframe services:
    Around-the-clock operation and support of the IBM z/Series mainframe platforms
  • Continuity services:
    Deployment and daily delivery of compute platform environments, consisting of monitoring and management of hardware and system software configurations
  • Storage services:
    Store your data in the most appropriate environment across traditional data center, cloud and hybrid storage

Digital Strategy and transformation

MountChor Technologies accelerates your digital transformations and business results with industry-best practices, complex integration services, and strategic and technical solutions. We excel at delivering more than an answer to a problem—we enable continuous, value-based digital transformation.

Key offerings include:
  • Cloud advisory services: Develop a clear cloud strategy that establishes the appropriate and secure use of cloud computing across your organization
  • Innovate and optimize your enterprise service management processes and platform
  • Streamline and advance the enterprise through efficient processes, improved handoffs and communication
  • Create clearer roles and responsibilities, resulting in enhanced value delivery

Application Services

At MountChor Technologies we lead digital transformation by partnering with our government customers to shift your IT spend from operations to innovation, enhancing the application environment while optimizing return on investment.

We extend your traditional IT with next generation technology, intellectual property and a world-class partner ecosystem to provide flexible and consumption-based usage models leveraged across government organizations.

Analytics and data services

Gain rapid insights by harnessing data that drives your mission objectives. At MountChor Technologies, we provide a full spectrum of analytic and data focused services to manage, secure and exploit data as an asset to support evidence-based decisions and enable vital outcomes. To do this, collaboration is key. Together with our customers, we collaborate to create a digital data transformation roadmap with defined initiatives to effectively operationalize data management and ensure that data continues to be a valuable asset that’s integrated into your information ecosystem.
We help our customers select and deploy the right technologies. Whether it’s artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things or big data, we have the expertise to enable information maturity and drive organizational decision making to improve business and mission outcomes.
Our analytics and data services offering family, backed by years of successful business results, leverages our expertise, proven methods and technical capabilities to enhance mission value.

Integrated Solutions

At MountChor Technologies, we enable customers to rapidly incorporate technology, transform operations and implement new ways of doing business. Our integrated solutions are a collection of industry-specific, go-to-market offerings that are integrated into your environment.