What We Do

Cyber Security

As threats grow in breadth and sophistication, the old defense in-depth approach often generates unclear priorities, drains resources and leaves gaps in protection. At MountChor Technologies, we help customers migrate to a defense in-context strategy. We bring transformative cyber expertise and mission-enabled solutions to the forefront of operations.

Our security solutions predict attacks, proactively respond to threats, ensure compliance and protect data, applications, infrastructure and endpoints.

Key offerings include:

Cybersecurity engineering, integration and advisory services:
MountChor uses an iterative Cyber Systems Engineering (CSE) process, identifies security prerequisites, develops security reference architectures and performs requirements traceability analysis to fully understand your system and its dependencies

Security policy, risk management and compliance:
MountChor performs initial and periodic assessments of security and privacy controls deployed in cloud information systems

Platform, network and critical infrastructure protection:
MountChor will protect your networks, platforms and critical infrastructures against cyber intrusions and malicious attacks

Identity, credentialing and access management (ICAM):
MountChor can control who has access to your systems and resources, how they interact with them and verify that they are in fact, who they say they are

Data & Cybersecurity Solutions:
MountChor offers data cybersecurity protection during each of the categorized states of data. From Create, Capture, Index, Store (data at rest), Share (data in transit), Manage (data in use), Archive (short, medium, and long term), and Re-use or Dispose.


There are various construction methods of achieving the proper protective measures required and the various methods can have a substantial cost impact on the project. It is most beneficial in terms of both time and money to ensure that the designer of a SCIF has substantial experience with the different potential requirement scenarios and that the contractor building the facility has had enough experience to avoid common assumptions that standard commercial contractors, without a lot of SCIF experience, would typically make.

Security Operations Center (SOC) services:
MountChor can assure mission performance is maintained while reducing the threat of malicious activity by proactively managing network connectivity

Threat prevention, detection, analytics and response:
MountChor can identify, assess and remediate security threats and weaknesses that enable attackers to steal data, gain access to intellectual property and damage your organization

Computer network exploitation:
MountChor employs proactive analysis and cyber threat hunting to detect advanced threats and weaknesses that enable attackers to steal data, gain access to intellectual property and damage your organization

Cybersecurity training, planning and exercises:
Train your workforce on how to protect their environment from cyber intrusions

Cloud Computing & Infrastructure services

At MountChor Technologies, we assess the best way to support application needs, such as portability, data availability, data security, infrastructure security, and compliance. We support the enterprise with managing these factors, whether to maintain on-premises or off-premises applications.

Cloud computing is an essential part of enterprise technology, delivering applications and IT as a Service (ITaaS) to end-users with ease and efficiency. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) all deliver varying levels of control and management.

Our Technologies:

CentOS / Rocky Linux Pulumi HashiCorp Vault
Styra OPA CloudCheckr Jira
Cisco ACI Red Hat Ansible VMware
GitHub Terraform Zscaler
GitLab Twilio AquaSec
Jenkins Ubuntu LTS Palo Alto

Key offerings include:

Operational Planning
We assess at a strategic perspective application lifecycle from planning to day 2 operations

Migration to Agile Cloud:
We migrate business applications to cloud computing systems in a learned understanding of which application are suitable candidates to migration and which ones should be left for later (or never)

Assessment of Multi-Cloud Model:
We provide realistic assessments of multi-cloud readiness using container technology and related security technologies

Data Security:
We realize the importance of protecting data and providing reliable secure access to the data – leveraging zero trust techniques including those from Zscaler Trusted advisors with experience in greenfield, brownfield and everything in between

Enterprise Network Architecture & System

Engineering & Integration

As many enterprises today have networks that are static, traditional, and somewhat inflexible, it is imperative to have networks that take full advantage of numerous perks of cloud computing. MountChor Technologies accelerates your digital transformations and business results with industry-best practices, complex integration services, and strategic and technical solutions by creating a well-designed network to support a cloud architecture. We excel at delivering more than an answer to a problem—we enable continuous, value-based digital transformation to realize the full benefits of cloud computing.

Key offerings include:

  • Cloud advisory services: Develop a clear cloud strategy that establishes the appropriate and secure use of cloud computing across your organization
  • Innovate and optimize your enterprise service management processes and platform
  • Streamline and advance the enterprise through efficient processes, improved handoffs and communication
  • Create clearer roles and responsibilities, resulting in enhanced value delivery

MountChor Cloud Transformation and Innovation Services Include:

  • Hybrid and Multi-cloud architecture and engineering to orchestrate, automate and manage your infrastructure services across any AWS® and Microsoft Azure® infrastructure environment, as well as Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Hybrid cloud operations that deploy and manage your infrastructure, application, and data across hybrid cloud systems by applying leading technologies from VMware® and scripted playbooks with Atlassian or Ansible suites that we use to bake in DevSecOps automation

Our MountChor Technologies team provides end-to-end digital transformation modernization, DevSecOps and Data security and identity management incorporated throughout architecture, design, development and quality, providing a full life cycle security integration unified from the start with the enterprise ecosystem, as applications are conceived, built, modernized, moved, or developed in the cloud.

Technical Security Systems

Access Control and Perimeter Protection

Commercial, Government, and public facilities require more vigilant protection than ever before. With more decentralized and technologically advanced threats to Government facilities, transit systems, airports, public areas, and commercial buildings; physical security must be provided by specialists who understand that all components of a security solution must be cohesive, rather than fragmented.

Our professionals establish real-time monitoring, effective controls, swift response capabilities, and significantly improved levels of security across entire organizations. MountChor Technologies surveys, designs, installs, integrates and maintains access control systems and perimeter protection within the U.S. and in the most austere conditions overseas; including U.S. Embassies in both remote and highly populated places.


With an ever-increasing need for total situational awareness to ensure the safety of both officials and civilians, having the right company to install the most technologically up-to-date digital CCTV is paramount. MountChor Technologies delivers CCTV products, services, installation, and remote monitoring, using sustainable digital video surveillance system technologies tailored to the client’s needs. Our sophisticated surveillance systems deliver lasting, adaptable solutions to personnel safety, operations management, investigations, and other potential risks such as intrusions and casing.

MountChor installs CCTV digital surveillance systems in all types of locations, most notably in politically and geographically challenging locations, and in vulnerable public areas. Our capabilities and performance allow both the Federal Government and commercial customers to capture images, archive large amounts of data, and monitor activity off-site.

Intrusion Detection

MountChor Technologies certified technicians and professional engineers design and install intrusion detection solutions worldwide in U.S. Embassies and other U.S. Government facilities. MountChor’s experience includes access control for video-based solutions, biometric-based solutions, and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) based solutions. MountChor integrates access control systems with intrusion detection systems to establish and maintain increased security for sensitive areas.

MountChor integrates wireless systems and installs miles of wireless perimeter surveillance. Our total turn-key solution covers system design, poles and camera mount designs, DVR systems, procurement, logistics, construction, installation, integration, and maintenance.

Embassy and Consulate Protection

MountChor Technologies is the State Department’s trusted technical security installer and integrator. Working with Siemens USA, MountChor solidified and upgraded all technical security systems at over 60 U.S. Embassies and consulates throughout the world, including: European cities, transitional countries, and active warzones such as Afghanistan and Iraq. MountChor works with the most advanced and appropriate technologies to establish security at these diplomatic facilities.

Fire Detection Alarm

MountChor Technologies provides dependable, combination fire detection alarm & mass notification systems and services for the commercial, health care, education, and government sectors.

Our fire detection alarm & mass notification experts are adept in the design, installation, and monitoring platforms which are tailored to meet every client’s needs. Our creative technical solutions always meet or exceed Federal, state and local code requirements.

MountChor technicians are certified in several leading systems, including Edwards Systems Technologies, Hochiki, and Notifier product lines. In addition to factory certification, all installation technicians currently hold NICET certification at various levels ranging from one through four. MountChor employees receive continuing education – ensuring that our technicians are knowledgeable and comply with current installation practices, regulations, and industry standards.

Our NICET Level IV Engineers work with architects of Record, facility owners, general and electrical contractors. MountChor works with Fire Marshals and local Authorities Having Jurisdiction to provide fully functional, code-compliant fire alarm detection & mass notification systems.

MountChor also offers fire detection alarm and mass notification service packages which include a’ la carte or combined services such as periodic testing, inspection and maintenance.

MountChor holds a GSA Schedule 84: Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft, and Emergency/Disaster Response.


Cable Installation and Maintenance

MountChor Technologies installs and maintains complex cabling infrastructure for critical communications systems within mass transit, and large-scale military and commercial campuses. Performing complete installation and testing to ensure safety and compliance, MountChor has installed several hundred thousand feet of fiber and Inside-Outside (I/O) cabling to date for Government and commercial customers.

MountChor Technologies’s fiber and I/O cabling technical and management services have won many accolades for technical achievements. MountChor’s certified technicians conduct fiber optic cable tests for WMATA, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Department of State, and General Contractors. Testing procedures include: testing each fiber optic strand and recording color, location, length, and decibel loss; labeling each cable using a lettering/numbering system along with junction box location; and conducting conduit labeling. Mountchor personnel physically view the conduit, devise technical drawings/blueprints to record replacement needs in exact locations and relay the information to the Project Manager for corrective action.

MountChor technicians and project managers work closely with their customers to coordinate the necessary approvals for work plans around schedules to minimize disruption and maximize communication during the project and through completion.

Awarded multiple contracts with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), MountChor successfully executed extensive physical infrastructure initiatives. Our portfolio spans cable supply and installation services over 8.5 miles of 96-strand, single mode, fiber optic cable – enabling connectivity in Virginia, between the West Ox Road Bus Station, Vienna Passenger Station, and the West Ox Road Communications Room located at the Public Safety Operations Center (PSTOC) for VDOT and WMATA.

For the U.S. Air Force Targeting Center at Langley Air Force Base, Hampton, Virginia, MountChor was chosen to install, terminate, test and label a fiber optic infrastructure for their Secured Internet Protocol Network (SIPRNET) and Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS) networks. MountChor’s on-site Project Manager oversaw a select team of technicians who successfully performed 85-SIPRN drops and 85-JWICS drops; with an additional 45 installed into modular furniture. Through the duration of the project, the PM served as the General Contractor (GC) to the overarching team comprised of MountChor and four other subcontractors.

Electrical Contractor

Mountchor Technologies employs Electrical Engineers as well as Master and Journeyman Electricians to design, build, install and maintain electrical systems, treating each unique customer site with diligence and care. Our electricians work alongside esteemed client personnel and in concert with our security and fire alarm technicians, to check and ensure the quality of the work conducted in the field.

Our qualified electricians work in secure and sensitive areas and are thoroughly trained on the appropriate protocols. MountChor has a deep background providing support to many Government agencies and commercial entities whose requirements demand the highest levels of trust and confidence in a service partner’s abilities.

Mountchor’s electrical personnel bring versatile and interconnected expertise to each project. Some examples of our electrical work include:

  • Connecting and installing generators to a local electrical grid
  • Configuring and maintaining Universal Power Supply (UPS) systems
  • Configuring electrical panels with fire alarm, technical security, and IT systems

Mountchor’s electrical work includes the electronic security system upgrade for the WMATA Carmen E. Turner Maintenance and Training Facility. MountChor delivered many crucial services and products to WMATA under this and other contracts.

Digital Strategy
and Transformation

Strategy, not technology drives Digital Transformation. Here at MountChor, we work with less- digital organizations with solving discrete business problems with individual digital technologies and with the digitally mature organizations, we identify the gaps preventing the transforming of the business.

IT Transformation
Deliver reliably and quickly. We reshape your infrastructure to a modern accelerated platform anywhere from core to edge to cloud. We drive IT solutions in an iterative and incremental approach.

Security Transformation
Cyber-attacks are a devastating impact to business processes and data. We ensure automated workflows protect your data end-to-end and assess your security applications are proactively identifying vulnerabilities, identify suspicious activities and perform data recovery.

SCIF Design and Build

MCTs experienced team of Security and Construction subject matter experts provide turn-key solutions for Government and Commercial customized Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF’s), Closed Areas, high security rooms, and server rooms. MCT’s Design-Build team are experts and work closely with our clients to ensure their space meets safeguarding requirements and operational needs. Our difference is our design, build, and implementation and even operations of your SCIF, We offer complete turn-key, training and hand off, design/build or simply the buildout. We provide end-to-end solutions by developing accreditation packages for submission to the Cognizant Service Authority (CSA), leading the installation of the networks and cabling, security systems, offices and work stations.

MountChor delivers a full range of capabilities, from Secret restricted areas to fully secured and Radio Frequency (RF) shielded facilities for Top Secret/SCI operations. MountChor has TS/SCI experience with the installation of tempest, RF shielding, sound group 3 and 4, SCIF-compliant doors and hardware, dielectric fittings, man bars, grounding, power filtering, electric conductors, alarm systems, access control systems, and locking systems.

MountChor coordinates all requirements during the accreditation process. We are meticulous in meeting or exceeding all Government regulations for construction to include ICD 705, NISPOM, JAFAN Requirements, Conceptual Plans, Construction Security Plans, and Fixed Facility Checklists.